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Sharna Fabiano’s work in tango has been influenced by her background in dance, theater, and yoga as well as by her training with some of the greatest social tango artists of our time, including Juan Bruno, "Tete" Rusconi, Nito and Elba Garcia, Omar Vega, Graciela Gonzalez, Gustavo Naveira, "Chicho" Frumboli, Esther, Mingo, and Pablo Pugliese, and Pablo Veron. She was a member of the all-woman dance company TangoMujer, and later established her own performing group, Sharna Fabiano Tango. She also founded the nonprofit organization Tango Mercurio in Washington, DC and served as its Executive Director for three years. Currently

based in southern California, Sharna now works as a life coach and teaches at UCLA and at Long Beach City College. www.sharnafabiano.com

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"I am seeing tango as a way to explore our humanity and connection to each other."

Sharna Fabiano

Bonus Interview

Guillermo Barrionuevo,a.k.a.“El Peque” (a short from of “pequeño” which means small, short, little) was born in Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina.  He is considered to be part of the new generation of young dancers of BuenosAires.

He is popular for his talented way of dancing and charisma. He has his own style that combines his charming personality with passion, elegancy, creativeness, and fun.

He has had the privilege to dance with celebrities like Graciela González, Milena Plebs and VerónicaSalmerón, among others.

The main thing is the daily need he feels as an artist to show and convey an intense love for this argentine dance. www.marielayelpeque.com

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"This is an activity that gets you close to who you really are." 

Guillermo “El Peque” Barrionuevo

Bonus Interview

Alex Krebs has been an Argentine Tango dancer, teacher, studio owner, musician, and tango event organizer since 1999. [photo attached.

photo by BMH Photography in collaboration with styleright.me

tangoberretin@gmail.com    www.tangoberretin.com

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"When you create memories you are also creating community.”

Alex Krebs

Bonus Interview

Sasha Cobra has 2 loves. Tantra and Tango.
She is a world renowned teacher, healer, and energy worker with a focus on Spirituality and Sexuality. She is known internationally for her unique way of using Orgasmic Energy for healing and raising consciousness.
In 2009 Sasha discovered Tango, fell in love with the dance, and has had the beautiful opportunity to visit many tango communities worldwide as her work on Sexuality and Spirituality has taken her to over 20 countries across 5 continents.
Today, she continues to spread her love for Tango to the Tantra community, and her knowledge of Tantra to the tango community.

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"We crave to have someone show up for us 100%."

Sasha Cobra

Bonus Interview

Iona Italia, aka Terpsichoral Tangoaddict is a writer, teacher and dancer. Originally a university professor, she moved to Buenos Aires in 2006 and was based there for 11 years, studying with a wide range of teachers, practising daily and dancing at the local milongas almost every night of the week. A lifelong writer, she has been chronicalling her experiences as a dancer and teacher for the past eight years: first in her Wordpress blog Tango Addiction and now as Terpsichoral Tangoaddict/Iona May Italia on Facebook. As a teacher, Iona focuses on helping students to achieve soft, sensual snugglicious embraces, smooth, unforced natural movements and a deep, careful, conscious attention to the music. She believes in relaxed leading and dynamic, expressive following. She is a thoughtful, careful, articulate teacher and a playful, musical dancer. Of half Indian parentage, Iona is currently based in Bombay, exploring her desi roots.


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"Model learning."

Iona Italia

Bonus Interview

Thomas Rieser’s first encounter with the beautiful world of Argentine Tango was during his training as a movement teacher and therapist in Stuttgart from 1998-2000. Subsequently in Berlin, in 2000, he had the good fortune of taking his first dance course with Udo Hartmann. The joy and intensity, with which Udo taught and danced, have become ideals for Thomas’ own dance and instruction. There have been many lessons, collaborations, and friendships along the way, with many tango dancers, teachers and organizers, both at home and abroad – all of which have influenced Thomas’ understanding of tango, his dance and his teaching style. Incorporating the individual development of each student into the demands of a group has emerged over the years as one of the particular interests and tasks in the classroom, as well as in the organization of the school. Each dancer stands in their individuality at the center, and yet a simultaneous active effort is required for the social culture of the dance – which is in Thomas’ view, the central element, and tension, of tango.

In 2004 Thomas founded the school Nou Tango Berlin. He understands the management of the school as having the primary task of giving positive impulses for the tango in Berlin, and beyond. The culture of this dance lives through every dancer, and only through us can it survive and develop. Tango is a contemporary phenomenon, with a long tradition, which Thomas feels committed to.

Contact: thomas@noutangoberlin.de, +49 (0)179/9492761, www.noutangoberlin.de

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"Keep and eye on the scene and stay open to new people."

Thomas Rieser

Bonus Interview

Veronica Toumanova has been dancing tango since 2000 and actively teaching and performing since 2007. She lives in Paris and is one of the founders and teachers of Tango Mon Amour. She teaches in Paris and travels regularly to others cities of France and the rest of Europe. Veronica has Russian origins, but started dancing tango while living in The Netherlands. Her experience in modern dance and classical ballet allowed her to build a solid technique, further enriched by her experience with various bodywork techniques. She has worked with different partners, performing and teaching in France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Switzerland, UK and USA. Veronica is an elegant dancer with a strong personality and a refined sense of music. In her teaching she emphasizes musicality, connection in the couple and the quality of movement. She is also a popular tango blogger. Her essays on tango are translated in 16 languages and shared by tango people all over the world. Nineteen of her essays are published in a book called WHY TANGO, available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.fr/Why-Tango-learning-dancing-argentino/dp/1517189470/


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"Protect that joy of mine." 

Veronica Toumanova

Bonus Interview

Rodolfo Roballos

General Director

La Acadamia Tango Club

La Academia Tango Club is a community of orchestras.

Over a 100 people group together to learn Tango where it was created.

Our orchestras develop professionally with weekly presentations in Buenos Aires, national and international tours.

La Academia Tango Club also offers workshops, courses and seminars given by master tango musicians.


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“We are constructing a new world and we don’t know what will happen.”

Rodolfo Roballos

Tomas Howlin born and brought up in Buenos Aires, Tomás shares his 25 years of experience teaching and performing in Buenos Aires and abroad. His knowledge and pedagogy are unique and exceptional. Tomás lives in Montreal and tours regularly around North America offering workshops. His latest project is the Tango Learning Program, a multilayered and multidisciplinary approach to learning the argentine tango.


Photography by www.warmlightstudiosphotography.com©2017

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"Bring in your people skills."

Tomás Howlin

Bonus Interview

José Garófalo was born in 1964. Between 1979 and 1983 he attends to Guillermo Kuitca atelier.

In those same years he participates as a Performer in plays, speeches and street actions where dance and theater are key players in his creations.

In 1987 he started taking tango classes  in Centro Cultural Rojas and in the same year he joined the  Tango ballet of the University of Buenos Aires.

Since then he takes classes with Milongueros like Miguel Balmaceda and Nelly, Pupi Castello, Tete Rusconi and Maria, Carlos Gavito Gustavo Naveira, Rodolfo Dinzel and is part of several groups of choreographic research.

He is currently President of the Civil Cambalache Association (since 2007) Directs the Cambalache Festival (since 2004). He works as a Tango teacher at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (Since 1998)

He participates in Troesmas research group dedicated to transmitting knowledge of teachers  milongueros that are not longer with us.

He directs the CompaníaTragicomica Tanguera since 2011.

He is an Artist of Vasari Gallery since 2007.

He lives and works in Buenos Aires. Argentina


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"Above all, aside from all the concepts we want to know, what is tango?"

Jose Garofalo

Bonus Interview

Bonnie Gintis lives in in northern Vermont, where she dances tango and explores the dance as a mindfulness-based embodied contemplative practice.


Bonnie is an osteopathic physician, Continuum teacher, and mindfulness meditation instructor. She synthesized her approach through 20 years of study and teaching with the founder of Continuum Movement, Emilie Conrad, 30 years of osteopathic practice, and 45 years of meditation.  She teaches Continuum, a somatic movement awareness practice, as well as Mindfulness Meditation, and Osteopathic Principles and Practice worldwide, addressing all people interested in exploring embodiment. She retired from Osteopathic private practice in 2009 and now devotes herself to teaching, writing, dancing, and exploring new ways to foster health and wellbeing. She is the author of Engaging The Movement Of Life: Exploring Health And Embodiment Through Osteopathy And Continuum.


Bonnie’s innovative approach combines Osteopathy, Continuum’s fluid movement exploration, and mindfulness, expanding the possibilities for experiencing health and embodiment and allowing for the development of perceptual skills to more deeply care for ourselves and others.


For her schedule of workshops, go to www.BonnieGintis.com

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"I love when something I do for fun is also a radical political act."

Bonnie Gintis

Bonus Interview

Judah Page is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Certified Brain Health Coach, Argentine Tango dancer and a lover of all things relating to what it means to be a human being in the world today. Committed to self inquiry from an exploratory youth in the wilds of the Arizona foothills, a life of serendipitous mistakes and 20 years of professional experience working with people from artists to trauma survivors gives Judah an honest teaching style. Judah brings groups together and works to create an environment where growth and authenticity are upheld, where physical fluidity, mental acuity, spiritual integrity, and emotional belonging are the norm. Her deep seeded desire is to help people re-member health, conscience and vitality as their birthright, their innate human potential as an embodied social being.


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"I love when something I do for fun is also a radical political act."

Bonnie Gintis

Stan’s background in Education as a multi-award winning teacher, School Principal, master trainer, as a winning and inspiring Athletic Coach, and as both a Director of Schools, and as a School Designer and as one of the world’s leading edge trainers and consultants in the field of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, has given him unique skills to currently serve NFL and NBA Players and Coaches, NCAA Athletes and Teams, as well as many small and large corporate groups such as New Belgium Brewing Co. and The Great Rosebud Lakota Nation and Yellowstone National Park to name just a few.

Stan, one of the most down-to-earth people you may ever meet, is also one of the most impassioned people you may ever meet as well.  His fire and lifelong mission to serve others with his knowledge, exceptional teaching abilities and commitment to other people's welfare and success, is…well…unique and infectious.  Stan just makes everyone around him want to be better, and they do.

Emotional Intelligence for All


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“Norms are more important than rules or policy."

Stan Davis

“Thank you Rodolfo Roballos and La Academia Tango Club Orchestra for the music track “Felicia” available on their new album to be released soon.”

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