Judah Page is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Certified Brain Health Coach, Argentine Tango community leader and a lover of all things relating to what it means to be a human being in the world today. Committed to self inquiry from an exploratory youth in the wilds of the Arizona foothills, a life of serendipitous mistakes and over 20 years of professional experience working with people from artists to trauma survivors gives Judah an honest style. Judah brings people together and works to create environments where growth and authenticity are upheld, where physical fluidity, mental acuity, spiritual integrity, and emotional belonging are the norm. Her deep seeded desire is to help people re-member health, conscience and vitality as their birthright, their innate human potential as an embodied social being. 

Judah is deeply in love with Argentine Tango and the history of this iconic dance. As a devout student and teacher of all things relating to the human body, social intelligence and diverse cultures Judah has a multilayered approach to teaching tango. Her professional experience lends itself to a clear and logical approach to posture, learning and healthy body integrity that are applicable for both tango and daily life. She believes wholeheartedly that when the body suffers your dance also suffers. Judah is committed to helping individuals find a safe place inside their own bodies in order to enjoy the pleasures of connecting to another for a more enjoyable life and dance. 

Judah’s classes are infused with accessible body technique, fun and the essence of Argentine tango; connection. 


As a community leader Judah creates unique and intimate events both locally and virtually. Her most recent projects are a series of Tango Wisdom Summits where her job is to interview respected leaders in the global world of tango in an attempt to provide listeners with insights into the practices, processes and stories that paved their way to success. 


For more about Judah’s somatic work please visit www.commonsenseposture.com 

Sharon Alworth has had several careers but none as rewarding as teaching dance.

For over 20 years she has had the opportunity to add joy (& challenge) to people’s life through teaching partner dance. Trying to create a low pressure, fun learning environment focusing on technique for all levels of dancers her goal is to have you dancing to the music- not standing on the edge of the floor wishing you could dance.

After being persuaded to learn Argentine tango in 2003, Sharon added this incredibly heart connected dance to her teaching repertoire in 2010. She consistently takesprivates with professionals to improve not only her own dance but her knowledge of teaching and changes in dance styles as well. For those who are interested in feeling comfortable on the dance floor, want to find ease of movement and are looking for the pleasure of the connection with a dance partner Sharon will help you dance your best dance with every partner.

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