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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Tango Wisdom merges the rich historical culture of the popular Argentine tango from South America with today’s modern needs. Through a variety of platforms we participate, explore and discuss what draws us and keeps us connected to this unique phenomenon we call, Tango.


Dedicated to helping people optimize life through collective wisdom distilled from the tango of the past, the actions at present and the hope for a future.


Tango Wisdom Summit is a resource for the community where interviews with respected leaders share the stories of their process that helped them succeed. From each role within tango we hear from experts on what it takes to dance beautifully, create dancers, be a rocking DJ, have memorable events and feed our desire for connection.

Tango is a Living Art Form

 Argentine Tango is a social dance that originated in the late 1800’s amongst immigrants in the port cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Tango is most well known for its beauty, passion, drama and excitement. Loved by it’s dancers for it’s quintessential embrace, iconic music and its improvised and graceful floorcraft.

As tango has traveled the globe each culture and dancer has added to the current expression of tango, continuing the popular nature of this dance.


Tango Wisdom is committed to upholding the foundational values


1. Social Argentine Tango – community first

2. Upholding codes and culture of tango

3.Teaching, growing and the support of new and experienced


4. Respect of everyone’s approach, styles and perspectives.

"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another!"

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